When we say “Doughnuts Perfected,” it means that Doughdaddy’s is in constant pursuit of the perfect doughnut. Everyone has their own opinion on what the perfect doughnut should look and taste like, so we don’t just make two or three kinds. With over 60 different varieties of doughnuts in our showcase, we know we've got something for everyone! At Doughdaddy’s we're also obsessed with freshness: we make our doughnuts every three hours. Since we are in pursuit of perfection, if there is a delicious doughnut we’re not making, let us know. Click on the tab below to send us comments and suggestions so we can give you the perfect doughnut. Come in today and try for yourself the taste that is changing the Bluegrass.

We're open Monday - Sunday 5am - 11pm

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Although Doughdaddy’s is famous for doughnuts, we have so much more. We carry a wide variety of other products for your convenience. Besides the everyday items you need, we proudly support local companies like Lexington Coffee and Tea and Valentine's Ice Cream. We have a truly amazing selection of Kentucky Proud products from BBQ sauce to fresh cheeses all made right here in Kentucky.
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